The judging of the displays was by 50% audience vote and 50% judging panel. The panel of 4 judges was made up of individuals from both a professional and non-professional background, with no association with any of the bonfire societies.

The criteria for judging was as follows:

    • use of material (10%)

    • rhythm of display (10%)

    • use of colour and effects (10%)

    • overall artistic impression (10%)

    • compliance (10%)

2019 Results

Cliffe Bonfire Society

Judges score: 45.25%

Audience score: 34.10%

Total score: 79.35%


The show flowed, there was a lot going on. Good all round show.

Hawkhurst Gang Bonfire Society

Judges score: 36.25%

Audience score: 42.80%

Total score: 79.05%


Slow start and pause in the middle but very good ending. Good use of colour and material.

Hastings Borough Bonfire Society

Judges score: 43.25%

Audience score: 23.10%

Total score: 66.35%


Subtle beginning and creative design. Nice show.